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Cool "X, Forevermore" (Beast Wars Rampage poem)

This is an older work I first wrote about 20 years ago.

Premise: A biographical poem from the viewpoint of Protoform X, a.k.a. Rampage.
Heavily inspired from "The Raven", with apologies to author Edgar Allan Poe on his 213th birthday.

Once upon a time in mystery, bound by neither place nor history
In an astral plane of mystical and fabled wondrous lore
Flocking 'mongst by billion brethr'n, scattering throughout the nether
Tranquil peace, regardless whether we had lived and passed before
Life without concern of anything that had come by before
Merely life, and nothing more.

Suddenly, a strange sensation, wonder mixed with trepidation
Met my spark in penetration to its pure ethere'l core.
Once only in peace, no tension, now I felt a new dimension
Summoning but my attention, over me it ceased not pour.
Felt compelled I did, to cross into the world beyond the door
Where, I hoped, to learn much more.

Led on by my curiosity, journey ended in a body,
Powerful and great in form, impossible to dare ignore.
But my mind within this stature, seized by unexpected rapture
Suffered deep and hopeless fracture; lost my memory of before
Psyche twisted, warped, imprisoned, locked within a mental war
Peace now gone, with self at war.

Then I realized once awoken, moment brief my conflict broken,
I was held within another prison shell, behind a door.
Wishing to be held no longer in a trap, thought to be stronger
Than my will, I pounded stronger, till my fist could take no more
Finally, one mighty punch, and freedom rang beyond the door,
Metal fragments 'round the floor.

Stepping into this world foreign, into which that I was born,
Many beings screamed in fear; they rushed at me and called for more.
With steel cords, tried to restrain me, effort great to re-contain me
Then a blazing surge of pain be coursing through my mind once more.
I broke loose and then escaped with much a loud and savage roar
Captive, I would be no more.

Stalking free, in body power-ful to make the strongest cower,
Though the pain inflicted on my spark ensured my mind stayed sore
I could sense the fear and terror in a victim, it did mirror
Pain endured by me, the bearer, while on this world I explore
In sublime sadistic joy, I silenced her; she screamed no more
Fear and pain she'd feel no more.

Seized I was and charged with murder of the victim; said I hurt her
Judgment swift and sentencing to seal me back inside a door
Colony called Omicron did hold my fate, shackled and bonded
Burnt a mark my back upon did they, with nary a word more
Branded on my back a marking, nothing less and nothing more
"X" was my name, nothing more.

Pondered did I in my chamber, how they labeled me a danger
On the first day on this life and world I never knew before
Passing my cell was the warden; I stepped forth and asked, "Sir, pardon;
Please reply but nothing more than one question that I have bore;
Will I walk out once again and live in freedom anymore?"
Quoth the warden, "Nevermore."

In frustration, I slumped down at this ill news; but then I found that
In a fit of glorious rage, I did release a thund'rous roar
One strike, self-emancipation, free from captors' domination
I released my vast damnation, brought the prison to the floor
Save the warden, none survived the structure crumbling to the floor
Omicron stood nevermore.

Bound again, then judgment hovered, "This exper'ment must be covered"
But the warden then demanded, "You must kill him!" with a roar.
Shut me down, then locked me away; "On the Axalon," they did say
"No word anybody will say, if X was real; we implore,
'This is just a scientific mission for worlds to explore.'
X existed nevermore."

Time had passed, though hence or backward-mind unconscious in the dark, could
Not know what was happening outside my stasis pod's hard door
Then a spark alive did flicker, rousing from my sleep, to trigger
Greater rage and danger bigger than I ever was before
Felt a change within my spark that bore a doom for all in store:
Death would take me nevermore.

Hungry for one's fear this next day, I went out to find my first prey
On this night, I snared a victim; much nobility he bore
Others fought with desperate courage, and repelled me from my forage
After, I awoke... and heard a chilling voice; these words it bore;
"You're immortal, yeeesssss... but now I own you, Rampage... and what's more....
You serve me, forevermore!"

Many days I lived a high slave, edge to Megatron that I gave
'Spite my wish to take my half-spark back and leave this deadly war
In the midst a twisted being, sadly warped my visuals seeing
My compassion yearned to freeing Transmutate and self from war
In a crossfire, "I am hurt"; the final words that its speech bore
Transmutate lived nevermore.

Trapped in service to a tyrant, aided by an insane fire ant
Then I did detect the presence of a spark I met before
I knew it was me he hunted, vengeance in his spark corrupted
Then we clashed; our feud erupted, quaking sea and air and shore
Yes, the warden could fight well, but one advantage that I bore...
Could he slay me? Nevermore!

I and Depth Charge, epic rivals; feuding to a downward spiral
Knowing not or caring not if either would survive our war
Then my half-spark piece extracted, was inside a clone implanted
Megatron's new plan enacted brought back his old friend before
Even worse, he'd use my spark to snare and scourge me even more
This I could bear nevermore.

Ultimately, underwater, by the Nemesis dreadnought, were
I and Depth Charge one last duel, to close the story on our war.
I taunted him, "Face it, Fins; you can't win!" as I slashed his arms; and
"I was your assignment, and you failed," I snarled on ocean floor.
Then he rose up, felled me, aimed the point of his sword to my core.
"To the Pit!" I heard him roar.

Grasped I could to stop his weapon, energon shard, form of harpoon
Then I paused a thought... and then let go; I resisted no more.
Would he try it? I would see, as I laughed in macabre glee
The shocked look that I could see on my foe's face I cackled o'er
Then in one swift stroke... he thrust the crystal shard deep through my core
I would function... nevermore.

Violently, my spark expired; light and dark and ice and fire,
Clashing elements engulfed me... then I spied what seemed a door
Thought I, passing through the portal, "Maybe I was not immortal,"
Pain subsided, freedom total from my body, now no more
Gone forever, life of torment, with the closing of the door,
Now in peace - forevermore....

Creative arts page: Scorpion's Heart Overnight Creations

Written works on Archive Of Our Own - ScorpionsHeart

Feedback thread:

"Study the great, and become greater."
- Michael Jackson
"Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others?"
- Carl Sagan

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