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Re: Customizing Q&A Thread

Does the sun fading on figures bleed through after a figure is painted over?
Thinking of customizing a sun faded figure but don't want to waste time if the the sun fade will bleed through.I'll be using white paint on the faded areas if the info can help with answers.
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Re: Customizing Q&A Thread

Fading won’t “bleed through”. Fading is a change within the plastic it self. Painting will cover it up but any fading afterwards will be from the paint fading over time.
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Re: Customizing Q&A Thread

Are there any sites to buy heads for siege deluxes? I’m making a custom and want to replace the head sculpt for a specific figure. I’m trying to replace the army drones head with something less ironhide in black.
Thanks In advance
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Re: Customizing Q&A Thread

What is the product which can be used to "weld" plastic parts together?

Info appreciated. Link to a place to buy would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Customizing Q&A Thread

worth makes a 2 part plastic weld if you have access to a salesman if not Canadian tire Carrie's a LePage or prrmatex plastic weld compound in auto section or go to your local napa or uap and ask them for a plastic weld.the auto industry uses it for bumpers and other plastics be sure you know what type of plastic it is as the compounds are specific to type of plastic.
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Re: Customizing Q&A Thread

^^ @steamwhistle Just Prime has you covered...that said, depending on what you are welding together, you may need to strengthen the parts somehow...for example I often drill both parts and pin them together THEN apply weld, especially if it's something you need to put force on when transforming.
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